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Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Goldwasser’s therapeutic style evolved from his training and orientation as a cognitive-behavioral psychologist. His emphasis on personal goals, treatment planning, and structure along with flexibility, most often yields positive treatment outcomes and the achievement of many, if not all, therapeutic goals. For Dr. Goldwasser, the goal of therapy is to be out of therapy, […]
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Therapy Groups

Group therapy can be extremely helpful, affordable adjuncts or alternatives to individual therapy. They carry the added benefit of helping group members to be able to gather insight and support from people who are in similar situations, and allows people to be challenged when they cannot see how their maladaptive behaviors contribute to their relationship […]
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Business and Organization Consultation / Coaching

Dr. Goldwasser consults for several corporations, organizations, and schools. His primary focus when consulting is the promotion of teammanship and professionalism. He also assists owners, CEOs, directors, and presidents of organizations as an executive coach to help developing management and relationship skills. In addition, he assists in strategic planning, human resource management, infrastructure development, and […]
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