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Dr. Goldwasser consults for several corporations, organizations, and schools. His primary focus when consulting is the promotion of teammanship and professionalism. He also assists owners, CEOs, directors, and presidents of organizations as an executive coach to help developing management and relationship skills. In addition, he assists in strategic planning, human resource management, infrastructure development, and risk management.
Within the scope of his consulting practice, Dr. Goldwasser has developed two dynamic presentations, focusing on both teammanship and professionalism, for team members. These presentations are highly interactive, and challenge teams to work more collaboratively and effectively with each other. The goal is also to assist team members to focus on the achievement of the goals of the organization, as opposed to bringing in personal issues. Through these presentations, he also models for executives and directors to lead their teams in a more inclusive and effective manner. Over the years of his consultation, he consistently receives positive feedback about the extraordinary impact has had on the teams with which he has worked.